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Starting With Education

Starting With Education

Last month in the Sea Change article I recommended at least 12 months of solid research and learning before plunging in with making changes. So where to start? There are so many areas and ways to learn so the best is to break them down.

Community Colleges provide an excellent range of courses presented by talented and experienced teachers at affordable rates. I have done a range of community college courses over the last 10 years from a range of suppliers and receive three course magazines each semester. I’ve found the courses to be great introductory programs, giving me the right foundations to direct further learning (or even decide that the basics are all I really need).

Useful courses include starting a new business, book-keeping, copy-writing, strategic business planning, networking skills, marketing and time management. And these are only a few of the business skills courses available. There are a host of computer skills plus creative arts, writing, and craft courses also of value and on offer.

Each college offers its own select range of courses and by looking round you’ll find the right combination to meet your needs. So maybe aiming to do one course a semester will let you build skills and meet other interesting people in a learning environment. The other strong benefit is the impression you give to current and perspective employers that you are interested in continually learning and developing skills, have talents in other areas and are motivated.

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