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Choosing To Take The Easier Path With Friends

Choosing To Take The Easier Path With Friends

I’m coming to the conclusion in life that although I might be quite capable of doing most things I can take an easier path sometimes and have some help.

So when it came to starting the FaceBook profile for SheInspires I decided to ask for help from a friend.

So on a rainy Saturday with Anna at market, Alex and I setup SheInspires on FaceBook and the scary thing of new media became an afternoon full of laughs and fun.

The lesson here is to let someone in to help. You don’t have to be Superwoman all the time and your friends and family do want to show their support for you.

You can trade the help for product, babysitting, dinner out – anything the other will value and accept.

Personally I think giving a birthday or Christmas present of a number of hours to help with the business is a great idea too. You just write in the card “My present to you is x hours of help with ….”

I know friends who swap babysitting so the other can go out for dinner, lunch, whatever they need. The kids play and the adults get some valuable time.

The idea is to look after each other in the way that is needed. For me, creating the FaceBook page by myself would have been possible but because I was daunted by the idea it would have been challenging. Instead I had a fun time with someone who makes me laugh. That’s so much better.

What would make a difference in your life and how can you make that happen easily with this idea?

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