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The Secrets Behind Sharing Your Story

Beautiful drop earrings by Creatively BelleFor any small business getting your story out in the media is always an important achievement so it’s key to make the most of media coverage.

Most of us don’t have formal training or work experience with getting our stories told online or in print and we miss out on the extra benefits free content offers. 

So to help you make the most of the media opportunities that come your way, whether they be in newspapers, blogs, magazines, newsletters – I thought some handy tips would help you seize the day and the links! 

Stories about you and your business are great content for your own blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, website news so make the most of them and Google will love you for it. 

Share links to the story

This is very basic but so often missed or under-ultilised. Shout it from the roof tops or at least your blog, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter and media page that you’re story is being told. Link to the story, have it open in a new window and spread the word. Want to link to the story again in a few months? Go for it, share the content. 

Share your joy

So you know a story is coming up? Tell everyone, post it on Facebook and Twitter, share your joy about it in your blog and you’ve got a fun and interesting post that will bring people back to read the article when it’s published. 

Share your comments

Comments are vital for getting onto feeds so work them! Where ever your story is being linked from – Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc – leave a comment saying thanks. Help share your story with as many readers as possible and be active about it! 

Share you love 

Remember it’s really important to create great relationships with those who like what you’re doing so much that they take the time to share the story of you and your business. Show them the love too and support what they’re doing by telling their story and sharing links back to them. Google will love and reward you for this!   

Share in the generosity 

If want to get on the radar of editors, bloggers, writers and journalists share in the generosity of what’s happening; make positive and generous comments (but don’t suck up to them) on their stories about others. Share the links to their stories that you think are great to share and start building a relationship with these gate keepers.  

Remember, fortune favours the bold so be bold, get out there sharing links and comments and make the most of any story about you and your business!  

And if you’re stuck for what to write in a comment then take comfort that good manners always make the world go round better – just say thank you and that you love what they’re doing – nice and simple.

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