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The Small Business Flexibility Advantage

The Small Business Flexibility Advantage

One of the features that makes small business successful is the ability to be flexible, to be able to adapt to change quickly and to make the best of a situation.

For large businesses it is more difficult to change and adapt for different circumstances and they can miss opportunities. But for small businesses their size works for them when change comes along and they can make it into opportunity.

Yesterday when my attempts to book into Balmain markets failed I already had two backup plans in place – Kirribilli markets and Orange Grove markets. I knew Kirribilli would most likely be booked out as they started signing people up in October for this weekend and I knew I wanted to test out Orange Grove because other market friends have been asking me to come along. It is the flexibility of having a small business that allows to opportunity to be created from change rather than loss.

When you’re faced with change for your little business treat it as opportunity rather than loss. Look for the solution, have back up plans, communicate it as best you can and trust in yourself and in what you are doing to make it a success. It is all in how you approach a situation, no-one else is responsible for it, it is down to you.

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