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The Value of Reading Magazines and Books

The Value of Reading Magazines and Books

This time of year is the busiest for me but it also has me looking forward 4 weeks to having time off – to reading novels, sales shopping, swimming, being with friends and family, sleeping-in; “stopping”.

I have been adding novels to my books-to-read stack but I have another stack next to it that are the business books – the books I read to learn from others so I can keep enjoying this lifestyle I revel in.

I’ve also realised I have a magazine stack (!!) to read through. So it looks like I’m reading through ALL of January, February and March!

It is the learning through the reading that I’m also looking forward to – learning through the novels of other societies and ways of seeing the world and learning through the business articles and books about ways to create and build the business.

But not all of us are readers, not all of us find the idea of being lost in a book comforting or alluring. Many non- book readers are perfectly comfortable reading magazines and there is a lot of very good material in magazines.

So for your summer reading time, once you’re through your novels or short-stories, have a think about magazines with a good business focus and the articles in them that could be useful for your business ideas.
It is not just business books like Michael Gerber’s “E- Myth” that have excellent information in them. Personally I think Michael has been very smart writing a small book rather than something with 600+ pages because he makes his work more accessible.

Yes, he has a new book out – part 2 to the “E-Myth” – “E-Myth Mastery” and it is much bigger but that is for the converted.

For me reading is a way to rejuvenate, to refresh, regroup and look about with an interested eye. I find inspiration in the stories for designs as well as business initiatives.

I read for mindless fun first and then I read for business fun.

Writing this I think of the family story of how one hot summer when I was about 5 years old mum was resting on the lounge, reading a novel, my sister was reading and I was bored, I wanted attention and stubbornly said “When I have children I’m not going to read, I’m going to play with them!”.

I didn’t read my first novel until I was 10 and it took me 6 months to get through. Now I’m looking forward to settling into the lounge on a hot day with the fan on to read a novel in a day.
Life changes.

Many of the changes can be made to be positive and you can learn about how to create these positive changes through others and their writings.

I will always have a reading stack of some kind. I actually get a little upset when the stacks get small and I start looking round with an interested eye for more material.

So get together your reading stacks of magazines and/or books for the summer and enjoy it!

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