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The Values Of A Life Coach

The Values Of A Life Coach

I’ve been talking with people at market who want to make a sea change but aren’t sure what the key would be and finding that right thing can be a huge challenge. I stumbled into jewellery design because I was exploring a hobby and it flourished but for many of us it isn’t as easy as that and we need some guidence.

Guidence can come in many ways and through various people but one avenue to consider could be the services of a qualified and appropriate Life Coach.

By ‘appropriate’ I mean one that suits you just right. Someone you feel comfortable with and inspires you.

The primary aims of a Life Coach are generally to help people increase their self-awareness – what motivates, inspires, holds you back and what behaviourial habits are helping or hindering.

It can be both personally challenging and highly rewarding and is most successful when you’re being completely honest with yourself.

Personally I think being honest with myself and aware of my behaviour and consequences makes a huge difference to me being able to make this change happen. It was talking with a lady from England who is a life coach that had me realise that it can be journey started with someone in a positive and constructive manner – you don’t have to make it into hard yakka by going solo!

So just for reference, here is Helen’s website about Life Coaching

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