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Ways Of Selling Your Goodies

Ways Of Selling Your Goodies

I’ve been talking with lots of interesting women lately about ways of selling their goodies and many people are seeing only one path – markets – when there are a whole range open available.

I see these as distribution channels – a rather corporate term but I feel it is very effective. It lets me visual ways of selling my jewellery in constructive terms (I actual see in my mind’s eye a series of shipping channels with ships traveling both directions – my goodies being outbound and income being inbound).

So what are some possible distribution channels – how can you sell your goodies?

Have a think about:

  • party plan
  • wholesale
  • selling to shops or galleries
  • consignment to shops or galleries
  • online auction site
  • online store
  • markets
  • mail order catalogue
  • network group

So lets look at each channel:

Party Plan: these are small gatherings of people who share a common interest coming together for a fun shopping experience. It can be a Mother’s Group, Sporting team, Work Colleagues, Friends, Network Group – any web of connections. You can run the party plan gathering yourself or wholesale to one.

Wholesale: a very broad channel but some start as purely wholesalers. You can advertise in the ‘Markets and Fairs’ magazine for example, trade fairs, directly to shops, party plan organisers, on online auction sites or to mail order businesses.

Selling to Shops or Galleries: this again is a form of wholesaling and your pricing needs to be set so trading and profit margins can be added by the shop – remember, they have an extensive list of business costs to cover plus the need for profit.

Consignment to Shops and Galleries: sometimes it can be easier to get your work into shops and galleries based on consignment agreements rather than selling directly. Consignment really means that both you and the shop are sharing the risk and profit of the goods. It is important to have a clear and written agreement between you and the shop/gallery about expectations, payment and presentation.
Online Selling: Auctions and your own online store are two ways to sell you goodies online. A different range of costs and skills come into play with online selling and there are some great books easily available – either find them in a good bookshop, get the details off Amazon and have your local bookshop order them in or borrow from your local library. Research is paramount for this area.

Markets: a very popular distribution channel in Sydney because we have such a broad range of markets available in nearly every area but many other cities and towns don’t have regular markets or just one per month. I love markets because I’m a people person and relish the contact. But if you’re not comfortable with face to face then markets can be very difficult.

Mail Order Catalogue: mail order isn’t big in Australia but why limit your thinking to just one country? Why not consider exporting? You just need to be sure of the business but that always applies anyway. There are two safe possibilities – both requiring payment before delivery – and it comes down to how you structure your agreement. They can buy the goodies from you and then sell them or they send orders and payment to you and you fulfill the order.

Network Group: Join a network group to promote your business. It is more of a marketing technique and offers the opportunity to build business skills such as public speaking, meeting new people, and networking. You can also make sales on the spot. The type of network group varies from being a mutually supportive and helping community to a “what’s in it for me” group.

What is possible is what you allow to be possible.

Do seriously consider making your own design of possibilities – have a combination of distribution channels – have a combination of income channels.

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