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Have Your Own Party Plan Business To Be Proud Of

Have Your Own Party Plan Business to be Proud Of

I love having my own business, reaping the rewards for my dedicated efforts and party plan can be a great way to create your own financial freedom.

Through Party Plan you can set your own schedule around what is important in your life while giving yourself time that you need for you.

Running three parties a week with two bookings from each you can have a healthy income that can be enriched by building an online income through a successful website business.

Learning your skills of the industry through a party plan company with an excellent education program can set you up with the skills that will put you ahead of the pack. It is the education program that is the key so if you want do work on your own education program we can help with resources for that too with our series of articles and material about Party Plan Success.

Click here for our online earring stands rangeTo have your own party plan business you need to create an effective business system that enables you to deliver a quality and consistent service to your customers and make the most of your opportunities. You need good quality goods to sell and you need good suppliers.

Being good with customers with their friends and family will make a huge difference to your success. It is the small things that matter, especially having good manners and remembering that the party is on for them, not you.

If you look after your customers and their treasured ones then they will look after you with bookings, sales and referrals. A happy customer can bring you the best leads months after you last saw them and you don’t know when or where this will happen. So look after your biggest asset like it is your most prized treasure.

Setting the standard you want your business to have is a great way to create a clear path for yourself. Do you want a business with a reputation that brings referral bookings to you easily or do you want to be known as a self-centered party planner that is pushy and aggressive? This may sound a little too one of the other but it can easily be as different as night and day.

Think out ahead what you want your reputation to be and what behaviour that involves. What selling style do you feel most comfortable with and find to be the most successful? What works with you? An informative, friendly, kind approach or a pushy, hard sell approach. Personally I walk away from pushy or hard selling people keeping my money to myself. So I have a very approachable style and it works well. So have a think about what you want in your life and what you think will bring you the success that you want.

A business plan is a really good place to start when exploring having your own successful business. It can be 2 pages or 20 pages, whatever works for you. A business plan needs to capture what you want from the business, what are the key things you want to achieve, (such as how many parties you want a week on average with how many shopping guests), how you are going to achieve your goals, (such as getting two bookings from each party and looking after your hostesses well), and when you want this to be happening.

A business plan usually looks at the money side of things with how much you need to get started, marketing costs, business establishment costs such as registration etc and how you care going to plow money back into the business to grow it. Do you need to be drawing a wage from the business in the first 6 – 12 months of operation, if so, how much and how to balance that with costs of running and investing in the business.

Often what happens when working on the business plan you realise what you don’t know and what you’ll have to learn. You’ll also find that time frames move either forward or backwards. It doesn’t really matter which way because the purpose of a business plan really is to get you thinking things out and getting ready. With a plan you can find out how to get to where you want to be. Without a plan you can waste a lot of time and money and find yourself in the same place years later.

To backup your business plan you’ll need to create a marketing plan. Again this can be 2 pages or 20 or anywhere in between. What matters is the figuring out in the creating. The marketing plan will cover what’s involved in getting the word out there about your business and how you are going to keep the bookings rolling smoothly and consistently in so you have 3 or more parties a week.

The marketing plan will define where and how much money you have to spend on getting the work out there. It is no use spending more money than you have and losing the business just because you didn’t sit down and think things out. It is a choice you have to make about whether you want a successful business or a failure. And it is your choice.

I found the first marketing and business plans I ever did to be the hardest because I really didn’t know what I was doing and I was daunted by it all. I was working from a business planning book that asked me a series of questions and I had to write the answers out to get the paragraphs for the plan. A very good process in itself and once I let go of the fear I got on with things and it worked out fine.

We get so precious about our new businesses we get scared about it all going bung and writing the first plans is scary. Don’t worry about it, just do it. Write them out and look at them the next day or week and you’ll see you didn’t need to be spooked about it after all. You’ll have more ideas come to you and you’ll be moving to where you meant to be: the owner of a successful party plan business!

I guess you’re wondering when I’m going to tell you what your product should be? Hmm, interesting that one because only you can know what makes you spark up. What do you love? For me I’m a jewelry, handbags and homewares girl. So I have a jewelry business. I wholesale sell my jewelry, show case my designs at expos and parties and sell online as well.

I’ve stayed away from any products that are big and heavy to move but that’s just because I think they are too much effort! There’s Christmas decorations, cooking themes, clothing, lingerie, makeup and skin care, shoes, all manner of things. And you can create your own combination that suits your loves. Some of my party plan wholesale customers has a jewelry and handbags businesses and find they go naturally together as products and with what they love.

The reason it is important to love what you’re selling is you sell it a heap more easily when you love it. If you don’t care about your product it will come through and your sales will be bad.

So what do you love, what do you spend your money on? When you have your list of loves then go through it and see what could make a practical business for you? What can you carry in and out of people’s homes easily? What could pack easily for you and what is easy to send to people if they need custom orders? Think out the practical side of things and get planning. You’ll have your own successful party plan business to bring your financial freedoms.

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