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How to Find the Money In Party Planning

How to Find the Money In Party Planning

I’ve been reading a bundle of Party Plan articles lately and it is really interesting to see the difference in approach by different people – some are very focused on building a business while others are in it for just some extra spare cash.

From what I can tell the extra spare cash approach usually ends up costing people money while the business building approach can cover the full spectrum from mediocrity to real financial success.

The difference is in the approach.

If you want to have a constant income that enables you to achieve you financial goals then set in practice the actions that makes it happen.

Design yourself a calendar of events with family and personal time blocked in such as school holidays, vacations, birthdays, family gatherings etc.

Then block in the financial commitments you want money to easily pay.

Click here for our online earring holder rangeThis will then show you the dates you have available before the financial due dates for booking parties.

To get your bookings you need to put the work in to secure the parties. So settle down to making the 5 sales calls per day for 5 days. If you’re nervous about doing this ask for some help and do some practicing.

You don’t have to be isolated with your business, you can be supported and encouraged from your party plan company, or, if you’re independent like I am, by your friends and family.

I’ve learned to ask my friends and family for support and also to let them know HOW I need them to support me. They are more than happy to be part of my success – just as long as I let them (and that’s a big key).

If getting bookings is your focus look to the various avenues for getting them – at parties, direct inquires, cold calls, advertising – and build the skills you need to do it well.

If it is about increasing sales at the parties to improve your party sales average then build these skills. Having a supportive upline from the company come along is a great way, another is to have some friends and family host a couple of parties for you so they can give you honest and kind advice, while having a good look at your skills, confidence and product will also bring some ideas and answers.

Having a successful business is all about constant learning and developing. Anyone who tells you that it will stop has it all wrong. Those who are achieving their goals will tell you the leaning is always happening and they love it.

So whether you want to just make some extra cash or create your own financial freedom apply some method to your approach and you’ll be able to achieve you goals.

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