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Start Your Own Party Planning Business?

Who Else Wants To Start Their Own Party Planning Business?

I love having my own party plan business with the freedom it gives me. I know what it is like to work full time in the corporate world and what it is to have my own business and you won’t see me going back to the office. I love the flexibility and choice I now have about my life.

Party plan can be a great way to create a healthy weekly income either and has given many women their financial independence and freedom over the decades.

Just about all of us have been to a party plan gathering, whether it be a Tupperware party or a shoe party, homewares, fashion or makeup party. A party plan gathering is about getting friends and family together around a table full of goodies that you can buy. It saves time and effort for the hostess and guests by bringing the goods to them and it is a very social event.

Party plan and direct selling suits many people who want to have a more flexible working life that brings in money. Just how much money depends on what you want; how many parties or showing a week you want, the type of business you’re involved in – independent or part of a large organisation – and how you manage it.

Click here to see our range of earring holders onlineYou can choose how big you grow the business by how many parties and events you do each week. The average good number of bookings per week is 3 and you should aim for 2 books from each party. Now that might sound a little daunting to start with but that’s where education and experience comes in.

You can set up your own party plan business (as I have) or join a party plan business as a consultant such as Tupperware, Avon, or any of many other choices. To me the key differences between the two types are reward (how much you take home for your efforts), recruitment – something that is required when you belong to an organisation and optional for your own business, and education system.

When you are part of a good party plan organisation you are supported with an effective education system and it is the education system that often defines the quality of the business. When you’re independent you need to look after your own education to build your business.

What can work particularly well is starting out with a focus on education and joining a party plan business for 12 months that has an excellent education program so you learn as much as possible about running the business, selling, looking after hostesses, business system management, getting bookings and effective communication skills. You may not have as much take home pay in the form of cash from the parties but you are trading that for a valuable education.

Once you feel you have learned as much as you can you can start preparing the business systems for launching your own party plan business. An effective business system makes all the difference for success and that’s what you would be using with the party plan organisation so you’ll see the value of that – what works and what doesn’t (or more importantly what you would want to improve).

Be sensitive and respectful of your former party plan employer, don’t go in direct competition with them and then ‘steal’ their customers. It is much easier to establish a prosperous business when it is based on goodwill and support from others. Remember you reap what you sew and if they feel betrayed by someone setting up in direct competition with them, using their tools and customers they have a big network to undermine the new, fledgling business.

So if you are completely into fashion, handbags and jewellery then think ahead and use that intelligent mind of yours. Join a party plan business that has other products, maybe cooking, linen or homewares, and learn through their education program, you get the idea.

For me I had already learned a lot of business skills from my website business and expos so when I was starting out with the party plan side I already had good sales skills and able to set up a good business system that has made a huge difference. But I didn’t know about the skill sets like getting bookings, looking after hostesses etc and have had to learn as I go.

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