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Supporting Your Friends By Celebrating Their Passions

Supporting Your Friends By Celebrating Their Passions

Ideal bridal party jewellery drop earrings by Creatively BelleFinding ways to show your support and encouragement for your friends and family who are giving life to their creative spirits through their arts and crafts can sometimes be hard to show.

I know with my friends and family that I have a lot of support and care for what I am doing with my jewelry business and it makes such a difference.

So I thought I would offer ideas on how to do this for your creative souls:

* If they are into books then get them a book about their passion. For me I already have a bookcase full of jewelry and beads books so it’s difficult for others to know what to get me. So a book gift voucher is a really good idea.

* Send a card saying in your own words or ones printed showing encouragement for trying new things, for setting up a creative income, how you admire them for what they are doing – any positive message that is valuable to you and them.

* Make a gift of a art and craft related gift. I love earring holders and jewelry boxes so these are easy and successful presents. For painters things like canvases, for candle girls essential oils for burners, for spinners and weavers fleece, for sewers handmade pin cushions – you get the idea, little things that are connected to the beloved art and craft.

* For your friends and family selling their arts and crafts online share links and info about their website at work on intranet notice boards and in your blog and forum comments (make sure there are links).

* Clip articles that could be interesting for them from magazines, newspapers, online and journals. I’ve learned some really interesting things from the articles and even advertisements I’ve been sent by loved ones.

* Offer to host a work or home showing with having friends, family and colleagues around to see and buy their goods. When you’re making things money seems to be always leaving your purse so having a chance to bring money in is always a fine thing.

* Collect business cards of shops you think could be a good place for them to sell their designs. Talk to the shop assistant to find out who does the buying, what are the best days to call and take notes about the look and feel of the shop.

These are simple and practical ways you can show your support and encouragement for your creative friends.

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