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Attitude Determines Altitude

Watching the news this week I saw an interview with a blind man who flew to Sydney from England. I thought that was amazing. He’d figured out the technology to guide him and had back up with a sighted co-pilot.

When I heard him say “It is attitude that determines altitude” I knew exactly why he had achieved something that was seemingly impossible.

And he’s completely right, it is your attitude that determines your altitude.

It is your choice how you approach a situation and what you do with it.

I remember the flat mate of a friend at uni who was a quiet little mouse who had managed to fulfil her dream of getting into set design. Lisa had secured for herself one of the six openings for this really competitive course and she knew that only 4 went on to 2nd year and she wanted to finish the degree successfully.

Lisa realised her quiet and unassuming personality wasn’t helping her achieve her desires so she joined the Army Reserves (!!). I remember finding this staggering at the time but when she explained what she wanted out of the Reserves and how she was finding it made so much more sense.

For Lisa the Army Reserve’s purpose was to take her out of herself, make her louder and more assertive, build confidence and pay her extra money (all uni students crave extra money).

The army gave Lisa all this and more. She made it to being one of the three who graduated with a BCA in Set Design and got exactly what she wanted.

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