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Australian Opals to Inspire

I’ve been really enjoying working with opal gemstones in my loop lariat designs this year with the colours and sparkles of this charming stone.

The Australian opals I’ve found in bead form are Boulder opals and South Australian opals with their firey highlights.

I love the idea of the opal gemstones being formed millions of years ago when a combination of silica and water flowed through cracks and openings in the ground and then solidifying to create captivating opals.

For me I love how the Australian opals in my necklaces make my designs distinctly Australian. I combine them with other gemstones, locally made lampwork glass focal beads, Bohemian lampwork beads and crystals – showing how the many influences that form our national identity and culture.

To complement our opal necklace designs we’ll also be shortly having opal bracelets to show case the colours and details.

Opal is also the modern birthstone for October and with the different colours it comes in lets each October girl have the opal jewellery that suits her colours best – with blue opals, pink opals, white opals, yellow opals and even black opals with firey highlights.

Crystal healers love opal for soothing emotions, helping to communicate what’s in your heart, healing turbulent spirits and bringing hope. Opals are also treasured for bringing out the creativity of a person and I’ve certainly found designing and making jewellery with opals to be thoroughly rewarding and stimulating.

Australia is renowned for the range of opals and the depth of quality. It took me years of hunting around for a supplier of opal beads to include in my limited edition jewellery ranges and I’ve been delighted to find such a good collection of opals for my work.

I keep updates on Facebook about the new loop lariats with the opals and gemstones as they are one-off designs and find new homes very quickly – but require quite a bit of work to design and create.

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