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Bead Necklaces, The Best Thing!

Hey there,

Since I started creating beaded jewelry like bead necklaces and bead earrings, I’ve discovered how lovely it is to wear compliment gathering jewelry. I’ve always loved sterling silver necklaces and pendant necklaces but since wearing beaded necklaces I’ve had a heap more attention for them.

I think it is because of the colorful nature of the beads and the natural attraction we have for beads. In beads there are stories, there is the vastness of the world, the fire side yarns of peoples and countries over the centuries and in that moment we see a beaded necklace and bead earrings our attention is instantly captured and we smile.

So when you next see someone wearing a beautiful necklace (or dress, or shoes, or bag, or whatever you think is beautiful) let them know you think it is beautiful. You’ll find you’ll be rewarded with a great big smile and the world will be a better place.

We have beautiful bead necklaces online for you!

Charming Purple and Olive with Pink Highlights - so very easy to wear so with so many things

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