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Beat the Heatwave and dehydration

Hey there,

Heat stroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion are all horrible but can be eased by simply drinking heaps of water. Yes, other fluids like cola-drinks help but water and the sports drinks are best.

Water and sports drinks are best because you’re sweating it all out really quickly. Even if you don’t think you’re thirsty your body needs the extra fluids so get drinking.

With the air conditioner units and portable air conditioners conking out with all the work and the failing power systems a simple solution can be a hand fan, drinking lots of water, avoiding strenuous exercise and keeping the house cool. Try airing the house at night and closing it up for the day to keep the cool air in and the hot air out during the day. Just make sure the house is secure.

To beat dehydration drink lots of water. You can’t drink too much water simply because the body has an easy way of getting rid of excess water.  Heat stroke happens when your body doesn’t have enough fluids because it has sweated them out and not enough have come back in to replace them so the body overheats.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are serious issues and can even cause death. Symptons include:

  • head aches
  • disorientation or dizziness
  • flushed red, hot, dry skin
  • find it hard to breathe or hyperventilating
  • vomiting
  • not sweating
  • sudden chills
  • confusion or delirium
  • feeling like your hands or feet are burning

What to do? Get medical help, drink fluids and stay calm. If you have heat stroke you need medical help, don’t try to be a hero and do it on your own because the body’s cooling system isn’t working and the internal tempature has risen and this can harm the brain.

So how do you beat a heatwave? Keep your body hydrated with lots of fluid, don’t overexercise the body and stay out of the sun.

And remember, heatwaves always pass with cooler weather coming.

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