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Beating Fear

Hey there,

I’ve had some interesting conversations with people who are bringing positive change into their lives about how they are beating their fears.

Often it comes back to a theory similar to the idea my English/Music teacher taught us: if you go into a room with the light out and no light from windows anything you touch or bump into will spook you, create fear. But as soon as you turn the light on you see it is simply a chair you’ve bumped into, a table, a bookcase – just simple things.

So it is the turning on of the light that makes all the difference. This light can be anything, it can be reading a how-to book, talking to others who have gone before you, exploring and gathering information, seeing a counsellor to talk through your fears and concerns. It is simply understanding.

To be open to learning, to understanding, to exploring, to giving something a go makes all the difference when beating fears. You can do it step by step, you don’t have to do it in great big flying leaps.

So have a think about your fears. Are they keeping good things from you? Holding you back? Do you want to keep those fears? Do you want to be free from those fears? What are those fears? What are they about? How can you gather more information, a better understanding so you can shed light on these fears? How can you take that first step towards shining light on the fear?

I know it is spooky examining your fears but being free of them brings positive change into your daily life and I know how great that is – I highly recommend it!

So go for it!



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2 Responses to Beating Fear

  1. Creatively Belle Buyer 25 November 2005 at 5:31 am #


    I noticed you’ve written a lot of articles on the importance of having a blog and a website… basically a good online presence for a small business. Your blog is fantastic! Images and a great background, etc – makes for easy reading/scanning. However, your website is a bit problematic. That main page is SO busy and the entire site is very hard to navigate. I’m not sure if you maintain it yourself but it’s very difficult to find what you’re searching for with it’s current set up. There are loads of different colours, not a huge amount of continuity and things don’t seem that well aligned.

    I don’t mean this as a criticism but I figured that as a buyer of your jewellery in the past I’d pass this on. Perhaps u can find a web hoster or designer who can help neaten things up a bit? Return buyers probably will be ok with the site, but I feel that if you’re trying to drive new business that way it may be an issue.

  2. Belinda 25 November 2005 at 9:33 am #

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I have a review of the website planned for next year and do value your constructive feedback. 🙂
    Cheers and thanks,

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