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Beautiful Blooms

Hey there,

 I love flowers and found this Yahoo Buzz list of top 20 searches of flowers with their meanings lovely so I thought I’d share it with you. What’s your fav bloom?

  1. Rose (Love)
  2. Orchid (A Belle)
  3. Iris (My Compliments)
  4. Calla Lily (?)
  5. Sunflower (Pure thoughts)
  6. Amaryllis (Splendid beauty)
  7. Tulip (Declaration of love)
  8. Carnation (Pride and beauty)
  9. Hydrangea (Heartfelt)
  10. Bird of Paradise (Joyfulness)
  1. Chrysanthemum (Fidelity)
  2. Daffodil (Chivalry)
  3. Tiger Lily (I dare you to love me)
  4. Anthurium (Hospitality)
  5. Peony (Bashful)
  6. Lilac (Youthful innocence)
  7. Gerbera Daisy (?)
  8. Anemone (Anticipation)
  9. Aster (Patience)
  10. Stargazer Lily (?)

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