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Beauty In Chess

Hey there,

I heard on the radio an interview with the girl who is currently in the lead for the World Chess Beauty Contest and it set me thinking.

Why do with think beauty needs to be separate from intelligence?

What do we see as beauty and how do we define intelligence?

The definitions of beauty vary from society to society, from year to year, and most especially from individual to individual. What one finds beautiful can be easily seen as not so beautiful by another. But something in common we all have is the capacity to see beauty in a laughing, happy face.

As for intelligence there are all manner of intelligences – writing, maths, science, communications, marketing, teaching, caring, design, music, history, story telling, inspiring, practical, medical, the list is endless.

We all have beauty and we all have intelligence, we just don’t always let ourselves see it all the time.

So have you seen beauty in your day today? Have you recognised intelligence reflected in your world today? I hope so!

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