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Beauty in Daily Life

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Seeing beauty in your daily life is key to living the good life.

When you can’t count your blessings, see something beautiful just in your daily life it can be very difficult to be happy – or to know when you’re happy.

It’s easy to know when you’re unhappy – life is dull and flat, no sparkle. So when you are going through hard times look round and see what’s happening – see how the light comes through the trees, watch a little child be delighted, explore some art, enjoy a loved one’s smile – anything that has beauty in it. It is your choice.

Letting yourself see beauty in your daily life has an accumulative effect – it isn’t a big bang solution, it is a real, everyday life solution. That means it is a step by step process. The results are noticeable over time, not immediately, so look for the differences over a few months.

So figure out what you want – same old, same old or living the good life with seeing beauty in your daily life.



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