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Being Inspired by Changing Seasons

With the changing of the seasons I’m working in different colors and it has got me thinking about color themes for not only different seasons but also events, work, outfits and occasions like weddings.
I do a lot of custom designs for weddings (one of my favorite things to be involved with in life!) with a lot of wedding color themes so the idea isn’t new to me but I feel like I’ve just seen it in a new way.

So I’m making designs with a color theme for different events like a family birthday dinner coming up, new outfits for the art and craft show I’m doing soon and a party.

It’s just a different way of looking at design which I’m sure lots of other people think is a normal way to work but for me it’s like a revelation!

My Treasure Box of Limited Edition Necklaces at The Rocks markets each Saturday and Sunday.

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