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Being part of your community

Hey there,

What does it mean to you being part of your community?

For me it is fairly simple – it’s about being friendly – smiling and being polite – to those I interact with. It is about having good manners on the road – if someone lets you in you wave thank you – or at any other time really.

It is about accepting help and offering help graciously. It’s about giving to others – like paying extra for The Big Issue to recognise it can be really hard to create positive change and these people are doing it.

It is about being a good neighbour and keeping an eye on things for your neighbours without being a sticky beak (no one likes a sticky beak!).

It is all the little things that make a difference. All the little things that people who think the world owes them just don’t see but that make all the difference.

So if you’re feeling isolated in your community have a think how you can be part of the positive change by doing little things over the next 3 months with an open heart and watch the difference.

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