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Being Taken Hold of By Color

One of my weak points is color. I use to live in a simple black dress as a teenager and did the whole black outfit thing as a university student but with my jewelry work I’ve found a new life in color. I love it.

I still like black and think it is a great asset but now I look for more color, especially in winter. I absolutely loathed the winter fashion with colors called ‘asphalt’, “charcoal” and “slat”. Don’t we have enough darkness in winter anway? I love having reds and pinks for winter now. Vibrant and alive.

As if I’m not getting enough color from my work I have a growing collection of pencils and pastels that I use in sketch books simply for the joy of working with color. I don’t draw particularly well so there aren’t any inspiring landscapes or portraits, more layered designs of textual colors.

I don’t want to hide in murkiness; I want to live out in color.

Lovely Long Necklaces!

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