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Benefit of having a blog and email newsletter

Hey there,

As you probably know by now I have both an email newsletter as well as a blog. While some visitors check out both there are others who are only newsletter readers or only blog readers so it is beneficial for my business to have both.

The email newsletter has more details and a variety of pictures with links to the site and is sent out to my subscription list, it also announces the regular jewelry competition winners.

The blog has shorter pieces and only one picture per entry. It is found by others on the net and is not sent directly to customers – links to it are in the newsletter but that is to the blog.

Blogs can also bring more visitors to your site as they are well linked with search engines and have good results with them.

I see having a blog and a newsletter as having two different formats and avenues for communicating with potential and existing customers and find both beneficial. This could be good for your business too.

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