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Best Movies for the Holidays

Hey there,

One of the rituals of holidays is going to the movies, especially with the kids, and I’m off to Eragon this holiday and am looking forward to it. I seem to see more kids movies these days than grown-ups movies, but dad and I are planning on going to the new James Bond, Casino Royale and the new Clint Eastwood war movie.

But I’m planning on also getting some DVD’s out and as I’m quite bad at remembering names of films to hire I get myself a little list to keep in my wallet so when I get into the video shop I know what I’m looking for. So I found this list at Buzz so thought I’d share it with you:

Harry Potter Young Frankenstein
Eragon Deliverance
Superman Returns The Wedding Singer
Rocky Balboa Left Behind
Spider-Man 3 Big Daddy
Happy Feet Amadeus
Santa Clause Stranger Than Fiction
Spider-Man Blue Moon
Star Wars X-Men 3
Transformers The Movie Simone
The Grinch Wild Things
Pirates Of The Caribbean Jurassic Park
Batman Begins Willow
Scarface Accepted
Apocalypto Drop Dead Gorgeous
King Kong Taxi Driver
Rocky Tenjho Tenge
Casino Royale Arthur
Dhoom 2 Pucca

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  1. Peter 29 December 2006 at 11:48 pm #

    These earring hangers are useful and great presents.

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