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Best Thing This Year

What’s the best  things to happen for you this year?

Looking at life and seeing what’s good in it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Some people find it really difficult to do while others find it hard to keep the list short – all a matter of perspective.

Yes, we all have hard years but even in those difficult times there is always the opportunity to see good if you choose to.

So what has been good in your life this year? What to you want to keep happening because it is good? What isn’t so good and life would be better if you changed it, if you brought more positive change into your life?

For me some of the best things would have to include the loan of a car by a friend for 6 months and then getting my own car after 6 years without a car. I used that change of transport to bring positive change into my life by creating the jewellery party part of my business and saved like mad so I could get my own car when my friend came home from her travels and I returned her little red car.

In 12 months time I’m hoping my blessing count will also include continued business success as well as family felicity and the best thing for this year being the same for next year.

I think for me the best thing for 2005 for me has been increased inner peace and balance. I’m happier and healthier than ever before but it is because I’m happy within myself.  I highly recommend this state of being. Do what you need to do to give this to yourself.

So what is the best thing for you for 2005? What do you want to be saying is the best thing about 2006 in 12 months time?

Have fun and see beauty in your daily life!

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Best Wishes,

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