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Big Lessons From 5 Years Of Business

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt over the last 5 years of building up and running a successful small business is the simple action of just doing.

I was one of the best procrastinators around for many years and ended up letting life rush by. If I had kept those habits I would be back in the city rat- race and trying to ignore dreams of having my own freedom in my own business.

Thankfully I have learnt lessons in just doing – just making that phone call, just getting the stock made for market, just getting a few pages done at a time for the website, just figuring out how to run a jewellery party business, just doing.

It is really easy to find excuses not to do something; to say you’ll do it later but that later is useless. The results of just making something happen are the secret of success.

Walk the talk and choose how much you talk. What matters are the results, not the gas-bagging.

One of the things that has got me thinking on this is the interaction with a new market neighbour. He started his market stall business with goods that he’s always had a passion for while working full time. He’s found it was time to make the leap and go full time with his own business.

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