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Bindi Irwin Interview Vodcast and Podcast with Australian Story

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Australian Story did it again last night with the screening of the “What Lies Beneath” with interviews with Steve Irwin’s vibrant daughter, Bindi Irwin and business partner John Stainton.

It is an outstanding interview and more material is available online at Australian Story’s website. Here are links to the vodcast and second version.

Bindi Irwin has obviously been well raised with lots of love and around cameras and animals. Children grieve differently to adults and she is doing so in her own way.

John Stainton is amazing and I have nothing but admiration for the man. Steve Irwin couldn’t have had a better friend.

So if you missed it the show is repeated on Saturday at 12.30pm on the ABC and I’m sure if you’re outside of the ABC’s range then your local cable or national broadcaster will be airing this insightful interview with the Crocodile Hunter’s loved ones.

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