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Blog Ethics and Etiquette

Hey there,

We all know the saying “Good manners make the world go round better” and this is true also for blogging.

So when you’re blogging make sure you know what are good manners – what are the ethics and etiquette of it all.

Spamming and Copyright are key issues – when leaving hotlinks on other’s blogs remember most don’t allow it so avoid doing it. When you are leaving comments it’s best to leave your actual name and a working email address to avoid issues about spamming. When it comes to spamming just don’t do it. No one likes it.

Copyright and defamation is big issues. Make sure you source your writings and give credit where credit is due. Make sure you check your details are accurate, especially if you’re being critical, and don’t rely on others having done their work before they published!

Write properly – use correct grammar and puncutation. Check your spelling and remember to use sentences. Being lazy with your writing gives a negative impression.

As with all issues of manners treat others as you would like to be treated and present yourself with self-respect and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

For more about Blogging Ethics and Etiquette check out what has to say!

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