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Book Reviews for Book Lovers

As you can probably tell by now I love books what with all the lists of books and the little reviews that pop up here and there.

Even at the moment I’m enjoying reading a Dummies book about Google and it dawned on me this morning it is the act of reading I’m really enjoying. Yes, I find the subject interesting because I find internet marketing fun and the process of learning enjoyable too.

I’m also reading Victoria Finlay’s Colour book at the moment – I often have a work book and a pleasure book going concurrently as well as a couple magazines and regular blogs but it’s the finding of the good books worth my time that can the tricky bit.
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So for me the blog and newsletter is ideal. It presents itself as “a monthly book review focusing on smart, readable works of fiction and nonfiction, from current titles to past gems”. Finding good quality books to delve into, especially when time is often short, is made easy. So check it out.

All the best,
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