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Booked in for the Writers Festival

French jewellery designer Catherine Popesco Keeping the creative spirit fresh and alive can sometimes be a tad challenging but it’s really necessary when you have a creative business.

So I decided that having really enjoyed the Sydney Writer’s Festival for the last 2 years that this May I would book myself into as many workshops that took my interest.

I love being around other creative types who have a passion for what they’re doing and are putting themselves out there to make it happen.

Spending a day in a room full of these people is to me, energising and rewarding beyond expectations.

I’ve been able to book myself into three workshops – Creating Picture Books with Jacqui French, Short Stories with Cate Kennedy and The Architecture of the Novel with Stephen Lang.

Hopefully I’ll also have time to get along to a few of the free seminars down at the wharf as I really enjoyed them last year.

Booking into these workshops feels like I’m giving myself a really good gift! I highly recommend doing something for yourself that brings you joy!

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