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Books about setting up a Craft Business to read before spending money on advertising!

Hey there,

When you’re developing a business finding the right information for making it a success makes all the difference.

So here is some recommended reading to delve into before you spend money on advertising: 

Crafting for Dollars bu Syliva Landman ISBN 0-7615-0442-7

Selling Your Crafts by Susan Joy Sager ISBN 1-58115-266-3

You can easily order in these books with your local independent bookshop. They cover topics such as consignments, commissions, suitability of having the business, business planning, wholesale buying and selling, designing and planning, public relations, retail selling, sales representatives, legal requirements (US only), financial management, marketing and advertising, computer setups, teaching and writing, employees, retirement, trade and retail fairs, galleries and a heap more.

Neither of these books are any good for internet marketing and website design/development but I think the best source with all that you need to start making money immediately online is the Insider Secrets by the Internet Marketing Centre.

Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth” is also excellent and I highly recommend it. Use its advice and build robust business systems so you can enjoy your business rather than be a slave to it.

Personally I love having my own business and have learnt a great deal from each of these books and course. Make your dreams come true.

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