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Breast Cancer Resources

Creatively Belle and Pink Ribbon!

Welcome to Creatively Belle’s Pink Ribbon area. Here we’ll have a collection of articles, resources and fund raisers for and about breast cancer.

Rather than wait until everything is completely ready for this area I’m starting off with what I have and then building on it. Your contribution is most welcome so sending in material and ideas is great.

How to Find Out Your Breast Cancer Risk Factor and How to Lower Your Risk

Making breast cancer news is the online breast cancer risk level calculator. You can simply enter information about your life style and family health history (no names and strict privacy protection) and then get told what your personal risk of breast cancer evaluation.

Breast cancer awareness month is being marked by the National Breast Cancer Centre with the launch of the new and useful calculator to test your risk levels as well as providing breast cancer information to lower your personal risk.

This breast cancer site is full of breast cancer research and information on breast cancer and is well worth the read. So empower yourself with breast cancer facts so you can improve your health’s resilience.

Click here to test your Breast Cancer Risk Factor.

Find out about breast cancer statistics so you can create a lifestyle that directly reduces your personal risk of developing breast cancer.

Sarah is the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Representative!Articles

Friends In Deed

Know someone in crisis? Here are a few pointers about what people appreciate when the chips are down. Click for more details…

Mother’s Day and Christmas Cards Raising Research Funds!

Did you know that the National Breast Cancer Foundation has Mother’s Day and Christmas cards available in your local newsagency, David Jones, Myers, Target, K-Mart and any other shop stocking Hallmark cards? So have your Christmas card money support women and do more good this season!

Can’t find the cards? Contact the National Breast Cancer Foundation for locations and make a point of asking your local stockist to have them next season.

Useful Pink Related Websites

Here are a collection of useful websites related to Breast cancer awareness and information on breast cancer. If you would like to add or share details please email us! 🙂

Click here to test your Breast Cancer Risk Factor

How to Find Out Your Breast Cancer Risk Factor and How to Lower Your Risk with this online breast cancer risk level calculator by the National Breast Cancer Centre.

National Breast Cancer Centre

The National Breast Cancer Centre works with women, health professionals, cancer organisations, researchers and governments to improve the management of breast disease and the wellbeing of women with breast symptoms. The NBCC aims to improve health outcomes for women with breast and ovarian cancer by ensuring that wherever they live, women receive the best possible care.

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ( AIHW ) is Australia’s national agency for health and welfare statistics and information.

BreastScreen Australia

BreastScreen Australia is the national mammographic screening program. It provides FREE screening mammograms for women aged 50-69, with the aim of reducing deaths from breast cancer in this target group. To contact your state Breast Screen organisation contact 13 20 50 or go to the website.

Breast Cancer Network of Australia

A network of breast cancer consumer groups and individuals across the country. Breast Cancer Network Australia’s role is to empower, inform, represent and link together Australians personally affected by breast cancer. It is driven by women who have themselves experienced breast cancer.

Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation

The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation is the fundraising body for Sydney Breast Cancer Institute. The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation has a multidisciplinary approach, focused on activities and raising funds for support, treatment, awareness and research which helps individuals, their partners and families facing breast cancer. The Foundation is funded by self-generated fundraising income, and is governed by a non-profit Board.

More Sites…

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is Australia’s only national not-for-profit organisation that raises funds to support research into every aspect of breast cancer and distributes funds on the basis of excellence.

Breast Cancer Action Group

The BCAG mission is to provide a “voice” for breast cancer affected people – wherever decisions about breast cancer are made – within areas of Government, health service provision, research, support and care services. To provide this “voice”, we train volunteer members as consumer representatives who, when appointed to “a seat at the table”, are equipped to make meaningful contributions.

Breast Cancer Institute of Australia

The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) fundraises nationally to support the ongoing national breast cancer research programs of the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZ BCTG). Find out more about these groups, and the importance of funding for breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Support Services

The BCSS provides specially trained volunteers who provide emotional support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. These volunteers have all had breast cancer but will have completed treatment at least two years earlier.

Via the Cancer Information Service Call 131120
(1300 361 366 in Queensland)

kConFab – Kathleen Cuningham Foundation National Consortium for Research on Familial Breast Cancer

kConFab is a consortium of geneticists, clinicians, surgeons, genetic counselors, psychosocial researchers, pathologists and epidemiologists from Australia and New Zealand. It aims to make data and biospecimens widely available to researchers for use in peer-reviewed, ethically-approved funded research projects on familial aspects of breast cancer. KConFab is funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Health and Medical Research Council; the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria and the Anti Cancer Foundation of South Australia. It is governed by an executive committee appointed by the membership

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