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Bridal Shower Games Made Easy

Having a fun and enjoyable bridal shower is a great way to get the girls together for a gossip before the wedding from both sides of the families that are being brought together as well as your girlfriends.

Bridal showers are usually held a few weeks out from the wedding and are organised by the lead bridesmaid or a family member or friend that can’t make it to the wedding but wants to be involved.

Providing entertainment can be really easy with bridal showers if you want something to add to the usual tea party.


* Jewellery Party – a great way to get bridal party jewellery, bridal party presents all for free (or at least with a great discount)

* Lingerie party – often involving wine, laughter and a fun way to get honeymoon lingerie

* Themed outing – these depend on what you’re into and what suits the guests best – anything from art gallery visits to live theatre to adventure sports to wine tasting tour and the list goes on.

For more bridal shower ideas and how to information see our free bridal articles online.

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Have fun!

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