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Bringing European Customers to You

Hey there,

I get the Forrester Research update emails and found it fascinating that they reported how French and German online sales are increasing significantly and this got me thinking about how to bring more European customers to my website.

If there are more European online shoppers about and you have a website in English you can have a page in French and another page in German introducing your goods and services, your website and business to them and demonstrate sincere interest in them. You don’t have to convert your entire website into various languages but it makes a big positive impression to make the effort of having a page in their language. English is a common language in Europe and so shopping in English can be easy for the talented multi-lingual potential customers.

As for us, we’ll be working towards having these pages ourselves, I’ve found a Frenchman who will help and have a German friend I’ll ask. So there you go, get exploring and see what works for your business.

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