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Building your business with email marketing

Hey there,

I love the income my website brings me while I’m off doing other things. I come home and check my emails and find orders ready to greet me and it brings me joy. I love too how diverse my customers are – they are from all over the world, do all sorts of different things and we all love jewelry!

One of the really important parts to my business success is my regular communication with customers via my monthly free email newsletter that lets them know about competition winners, new designs, online jewelry sales, where they can find me and of course the really popular sea change article.

Shar VanBoskirk from Forrester Research says, “Despite concerns about declining attitudes toward email marketing, the medium is alive and well. In fact, email lovers are some of marketers’ most valuable customers. They spend more online, buy impulsively, pay for convenience, and tell others about ads and emails they value. Marketers should turn more of their customers into email lovers by tuning email programs to their particular behaviors.”

I think part of the secret to email marketing as to any marketing is to respect your customers, be considerate of how they feel about the frequency of email contact, be clear and concise about your key messages and who your audience is – what do they need to know and how? 

Check out my free internet marketing articles online and build the business of your dreams.

Beautiful Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Jewelry Makes Successful Presents!

Breath-taking Green Stained Glass with Loads of Swarvoski Crystals Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Brooch/Pin

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