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Business Planning and Strategising Part 2

Hey there,

Here’s part two of the Learning Business Planning and Strategising blog article for you. Part 2 picks up on creating the vision and plan…

Most business books focus on the business planning side – figuring that you’ve already decided on where you want to be – to go to with the business. They assume you have the strategy, the vision in place. But this isn’t always the case.

Often when we go searching for solutions for our business with start with the nitty gritty – we have problems starting, not knowing where to start. So we get a book on business planning and start working through it only to find it really hard because it expects us to know where we want to be going and it is asking questions around this and without knowing where you’re going it makes it all very challenging.

Working through a business planning book is much easier when you’ve figured out where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

So write down what are the 3 – 5 most important things for your business right now. Then write down the 3 – 5 things you want for your business – say for the next 12 months. By working through a business plan the aim is to bring these important things into balance with each other – maybe even finding out that you want too much too fast or not enough.

The Business Plan isn’t the be all and end all – it is a very effective tool for clearing the debris to see the path and getting you moving. Where you envision to be in 12 months can well be different to where you are but with a plan your chances of actually making solid progress with tangible results and increased profit are significantly improved (maybe as much as 90%).

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So get ahead of the pack and start creating a vision for the business and planning how to make it a reality!



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