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Buy Handmade for Unique Christmas Gifts Shopping

In my online wandering I came across this great program to support and encourage buying handmade Chrsitmas gifts ideas.

I love the philosophy behind it where nine businesses and groups got together to form The Handmade Consortium to encourage people to buy handmade for Christmas presents this year (and the others to come).

This is to give a positive choice for all of us instead of going with the run of the mill chain store and global manufactured products that has brought way too much sameness with people dressing, decorating and furnishing.

It is about bringing back individuality, celebrating uniqueness and supporting each other. It is about bringing connections between makers and buyers again through the online community and offline communities. It is about reminding each of us that we have a lot of power with our money and how we choose to spend it.

So be the change you want in the world with your shopping and support the makers of handcrafted treasures.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

My reasons for taking the pledge are obvious because I’m already converted to buying handmade because I make my living from my handmade jewelry business. By my customers choosing to buy handmade jewelry from me they are making strong active choices too!

All the best!
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