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Calling all who Love Colour!

It is probably one of the most obvious things for me to say, but I love Colour so when I found out Victoria Finlay’s first book was called “Colour – Travels Through the Paintbox” I just had to read it.

And I’m loving it. The stories behind the different colours are captivating and Victoria’s no-fuss writing style just keeps me reading and reading when I should be working and working.

To find out the stories Victoria Finlay travels around the world, delving into cultural traditions (and respecting them which I found really impressive), how the colours have been used, the artists associated with them and her own personal travel experiences.

The chapters are divided by the specific colours and pigments used for paints and dyes so you feel you are experiencing the development of paint, art and art history as you travel with her.

The US name for the book is Color: A Natural History of the Palette and is different to the UK and World publication – it’s funny how the publishers think it is a good idea to change book names just for one country and the confusion it creates.

Victoria Finaly’s inspiration for “Colour” was Geoffrey Bardon who was key in enabling an Aborginal Northern Territory community to paint their stories. Click here for an article about how Geoffrey Bardon inspired Victoria Finlay.

I think this book is for artists, travelers, curious souls who love a good story, writers who enjoy a great read, teachers who need to inspire through stories and anyone who loves getting lost in a good book!

Happy Reading!

Belinda – see the colour in my designs here!


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