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Card Making Delights

Hey there,

I had a lovely gift given to me by a friend this week – a home made card featuring her new daughter. It is simple and lovely. I’m so touched that she took the care to make me something special.

So far this year I’ve been given a few hand made cards and I’ve loved each of them, I’ve felt special for receiving each of them and I’ve realised how special it is to give and recieve something personal.

I made Christmas cards one year – bought the card stock from market and then designed the images and cut them out on the potatoes. A girlfriend came over and we made cards together and had a ball of a time. I still have some of those cards and am really pleased with how they turned out (little tip, make sure you keep samples of things you make, or at least pictures!).

So remember that it is the handmade and personal touch that means the most. A gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive or fanciest thing, it simply needs to have care and thought. 🙂

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