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Catherine Popesco Designs

Hey there,

Catherine Popesco is a wonderful French jewellery designer with earrings, brooches and pins and necklaces.

Catherine is rediscovering the golden period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco by reinvigorating original molds and stampings designed in the early 20th century.

The discovery by Catherine Popesco of displays of antique stamped jewelry in the Marais district of Paris inspired her to bring these luminous designs back to life for contemporary society. Her workshop in France brings together highly skilled artisans who’ve kept the traditional techniques alive through years of change.

Elegant and timeless, the jewels are decorated with enamel, stained glass, and “old silver”, a traditional technique laying silver over a copper base.

Each piece is rendered by hand in a French workshop by 16 skilled female jewelry-makers in an enchanting setting conducive to inspiration.

Each piece comes in a beautiful gift bag with an Authentication Certificate.


We have a wonderful collection of Catherine Popesco designs online for you so come play!



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