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Celebrating Friendship and Family with Heart Necklaces

Hey there,

One of my most popular designs is my matching Heart Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets sets. I love it that they are bought for presents for friends, sisters, mothers, nieces, God daughters, work colleagues and aunts.

I call them Happy Heart Necklaces because I think giving hearts as a present is a glorious statement of affection. My nephew brought back from Italy a glass heart pendant for me and I love telling people it was a present from him. I may not have chosen the exact design myself but I love his choice, I wear it often and the message of the heart necklace itself gives me much joy.

So celebrate your friends and family with the little gifts you give them. Heart necklaces, heart earrings and heart bracelets are wonderful gifts that bring lots of joy and double happiness!

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Happy red Heart Necklace and Earrings set!

This happy hears necklace and earrings set is available as a set online at


Belinda All Jewelry is Gift wrapped for you as a gift from us.  🙂

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