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Clip Earrings for All!

Hey there,

A service I’ve been offering my local face to face customers for years is the free change over from hooks to clip on findings for all my earring designs so I’m making it available for all my online customers too.

Just ask for clip earrings and I’ll do it for you. So you can have dangle clip earrings, pearl clip on earrings, cz clip style dangle earrings, and beaded clip earrings too.

This gives so much more choice, I can easily change any of my earring designs into clip earrings. I’ve picked a clip on earring finding that both screws and clips you the right tension can be set to make them secure as well as comfortable.

To have your earrings set with clip on finding (rather than hooks) just ask for the change in the Comments field when ordering, it is as simple as that and I’ll make you a pair of clip earrings.

Clip earrings are also known as clip on earrings and clipon earrings.

Here’s a sample of how the clip earrings work – note the open clip for the first earring and the closed position for the second earring. The screw can be set to the right tension for you so they are comfortable and secure.

Just ask us for clip earrings in the comment area/field when you order and we’ll change over for you. All simple and easy.  🙂



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