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Communicating with Customers Makes Good Sense

Hey there,

I’m of the way of thinking that if you communicate with your customers then you build good relationships with them.

Say you have a service business where potential customers can wait and see what you’re doing. By simply acknowledging them you can start to create a good impression. You might be busy with another customer or preparing for the next customer but communicating with them by saying what’s happening and how long it will be before they’re served.

When you talk with your customers you can manage expectations, find out what sort of day they’re having so you can meet their needs better so they end up thinking you have a good business and the return and recommend you to others.

But if you don’t talk with them you can’t manage their expectations – how do they know they are important to you if you don’t share with them what’s happening and how long it will before they are served? It is really simple – communicate with your customers and you can build a happy and successful relationship.


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