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Competition magazines like “That’s Life” are a great way to promote your business while minimising your marketing and advertising costs.

Competition magazines have both full fee advertising space available for the standard high advertising costs as well as competition prize space.

The prizes are donated by the product suppliers to the value of the competition space. The value of the prizes is the full retail price. A quarter, half and full page competition space is valued accordingly.

Usually the goods have to be provided to the magazine before publication so they are ready to be shipped to winners.

You can also include marketing copy to promote your business but it needs to be kept brief so the individual puzzle instructions can be included alongside the puzzle itself and a picture of the goods.

This all means that the cost of this marketing is the wholesale cost of the products to you. This is instead of the full advertising space costs which can easily be in the $1000’s.

So how do you find out more for specific magazines? Simply get a copy and call them for the details. Just have a look through some of the bigger newsagencies for which competition magazines are available around you – there are 2 big ones in Australia and I’m sure there are others in the US and UK – NZ probably has both the Australian ones and some of their own. 🙂

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So go exploring and see what works for promoting your business. Explore what marketing messages you can include in the magazine and marketing material in with the prizes going directly to the winners.

Smiles and best wishes,


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