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Corey Rudl

The impressive, talented and inspiring internet marketing entrepreneur Corey Rudl passed away 2nd June 2005 in a car accident in California.

At only 34 years Corey had already achieved business success that comes with vision and tenacity and it is difficult to comprehend how such vitality could be gone.

His business, the Internet Marketing Centre, is now his legacy and is continuing to operate under the guidance of Derek Gehl. Corey’s discipline of building solid business systems is coming to the fore, enabling the business to run smoothly.

I learnt of Corey’s passing through my monthly Affiliate letter which came with my cheque, a testament to the smooth running efficiency of business systems. So to share information with you I’m collecting details here and a link to the best site.

Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Centre is part of the inspiration behind my business newsletter sea change articles – freely sharing how-to information just has his Internet Marketing courses do with practical examples of sales copy and text.

I’ve explored the net for info about what happened and here’s a link to the most informative and caring site: Remember Corey.

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