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Corporate Gifts

The Gift of Creativity

What better gift than Creativity?

Whether you’re looking for corporate gifts for clients, presents for staff or treasures for conference gift bags the Creatively Belle creative designs work perfectly.

Ideal creative client gifts

The Gift of Creativity for treasured relationships

When artisan qualities, originality and design matters to you and represents your business it’s vitally important that the gifts you offer in appreciation to your clients and staff match your vision.

Our artisan designs are made from the finest Australian porcelain, Southern Ice porcelain with love and care. They can be used as pendants on necklaces, decorations and even Christmas tree ornaments and come gift wrapped.

We have a range of design and colour options for you to meet your branding needs, including that of your clients. Need a mixture of formats as well like brooches, pendants, ornaments and displays for your different audiences? Easy.

Our designs are made here in Sydney specifically for your needs. You can order as few 50 or as many as 1,000+. We’ll make them for you.

5 Reasons Why Relationship Building in Business Matters

Made in Sydney Koala necklace by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets

Locally Made Koala Necklaces and Brooches made from Australia’s finest porcelain

1. People do business with those they like. Yes, this one is very simple, we like to do business with the people we enjoy, find shared business ethics with, make us feel good about the relationship and transaction.

2. Repeat sales are far more profitable than one off sales. It is always more expensive finding and alluring a new customer than generating a repeat sale with a client you already have a relationship with.

3. Word of Mouth marketing is powerful. When we are happy with the service and the product from a business we feel good about it we tell others. Word of mouth marketing is not only amazingly effective but also free – gotta love those referrals.

4. Strong healthy relationships in business are rewarding for all involved. They are not only more profitable but also open up new possibilities with collaborations, strategic partnerships and can even turn into great friendships.

5. Doing something different to the crowd to nurture relationships is smart and creative. We’ve all seen those Facebook and social media posts of people sharing a photo of the beautiful present from a client or supplier. It’s a great way to show how you appreciate them and demonstrates how you approach business with creativity and flare. Why bother being like the mob when it’s so much more fun to be unique?

Being Smart with Creative Gifts

Augmenting business relationships, whether they are with treasured clients, supporters or staff, is a very smart way of doing business. The churn and burn method is expensive and unsustainable. When you nurture important relationships they flourish.

While events and dinners can be great fun, they can be very expensive and really only work for the people who can be in the same place at the same time.

Some clients, especially government ones, can’t accept gift vouchers or invitations to events and dinners for governance reasons.

That’s where tangible gifts that are of a nominal value come into play. They don’t have to be the run of the mill promotional items you find mass produced in China saying they are eco-friendly. There are options for handcrafted, individual and unique pieces that are made locally, artisan quality and are actually affordable and let you give the gift of creativity.

The fun part is finding the unique gifts that reflect the values and approach of your business – individually crafted, beautiful quality, lasting and unique.

That’s why I’ve made the captivating corporate gift range of artisan porcelain treasures. So you can say thank you to all those that let you make your dream for your own business a reality – your clients, supporters and team.

Connect with me today to find out about pricing and options for a range of designs and formats.



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