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Costume Jewelry Necklaces make for Unique Necklaces and Earrings Sets

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Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Earrings have a fabulous heritage for the creative spirit. A friend of mine’s husband is a gold smith and makes all of her jewelry (beautiful stunning intricate designs) and hasn’t let her have costume jewelry for years until this last Christmas when he bought her a necklace and earring set from my range.

I was stunned and delighted. I’ve always shown him my new Limited Edition design necklaces and lariats to get his feedback and in part to show off. He’s always been really encouraging and supportive but I knew his opinions about costume jewelry. But he’s a talented gold smith with one of those traditional 7 year apprenticeships behind him so I didn’t take it personally. So when he picked our a set of my jewelry for his wife you could have knocked me over with a feather! (I did take that one personally) She’s delighted with the set and loves all the compliments she gets for them.

Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Earrings have their place in all our collections. The spirit of the accessible costume jewelry range lets us all enjoy contemporary and vintage necklaces and designs.

Beaded necklaces, handcrafted necklaces, handmade beaded necklaces, rosary necklaces, flower necklaces, floating heart necklaces, wedding necklaces, prom necklaces, mothers necklaces, choker necklaces and bead necklaces all make great costume necklaces. 🙂

Come Explore Our Limited Edition Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Earrings!

Add colour and fresh aqua blues any time of the year with this stunning set.

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