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Courage of Living with Depression

Hey there,

I was immensely impressed last night by the Preimer of WA, Geoff Gallop, with the courage and integrity he demonstrated to all of us with his decision to resign his political duties to give himself a fair chance to heal from his clinical depression.

Depression is a crushing illness that takes time to heal from, to recover and prosper. To take ownership of the illness of depression is a huge step to making the first steps to healing. To make that ownership public is next to heroic to me. I have only praise, respect and admiration for Mr Gallop.

His public announcement of his illness could well save others from struggling alone in isolation and help them on their own journey of recovery. I think Mr Gallop could well be saving lives with his choice of going public – to show others there is public acceptance and support for when you are having a hard time.

If you want to find out more about the effects of depression and where there’s help visit the Black Dog Institute online at and remember to support those in your life who are having hard times.

Best wishes to all who are having hard times for whatever reason. I hope your Bad times pass as soon as possible for you.


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