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Craft Groups and Circles

Hey there,

Being part of a craft group or creative circle can bring a lot of benefit to you.

The mutual support when you’re figuring out a concept, an idea can make all the difference to something coming together. But the enjoyment of being part of a social group can be even more rewarding.

Just look at the tradition of quilting and patchworking circles. They have been round for centuries and have prospered over the decades because they meet so many of our emotional needs – companionship, friendship, belonging within the community, and much more.

For many of us we work on our art and craft in isolation so being part of group is something we need to make an effort about but it is well worth it.

The internet is a great way of bringing people together both internationally and locally. So go exploring!

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Happy creating!

Belinda – come visit!

One Response to Craft Groups and Circles

  1. Amie 12 April 2006 at 12:15 am #

    craft groups are amazing – such a support and also a source of inspiration! I’m a member of the Bead Hive on ebay and I have never been part of such a fabulous group! All you need to be a member is to be a beader/ jewelery maker and have an ebay user id (even if you don’t use it to buy or sell stuff). Highly recommend this group!

    Amie (

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