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Creating a Brochure for your Business


A simple A4 brochure folded in three can be an excellent marketing tool for your small business.

When you’re designing your brochure figure out what are the key messages you need to communicate to your customers and what questions will they have in mind about your product/service that need answering.

Make sure you have your contact details – name, address, phone, fax, email and website – clearly shown. I know this sounds really basic and it is but it’s stunning how many times this is missed.

Pictures should be used to communicate your key messages – show products clearly or the value of the service.

If you have a small business and know you need a brochure but are too daunted to get one just make a start – get your friends and family to have a look at it and take on board the constructive feedback they share. It is the doing that matters – not the excuses we make. 

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